See the underwater world with your own eyes
Whether an experienced, regular or simply occasional diver, or even if you're being introduced to scuba diving for the first time, in the Madeira archipelago you will find options to satisfy any of your needs. Reuniting exquisite conditions due to its unique location on the Atlantic Ocean, this small gems of the Atlantic are easily accessed by the mainland capital Lisbon with more than five flights a day including low-cost Easyjet and Portuguese company TAP that take no longer than 1h30 to get here. The Archipelago offers sea lovers a great escapade from the common and too often crowded dive sites of world.

Madeira is the largest of the Islands and the archipelago is named after it - its a volcanic island that features caves, easy access to perform deep sea dives, wrecks and just some miles away you will find the opposite scenario on the Golden sand beaches of Porto Santo. Also around you will find the Desertas Islands, as it name suggests (deserted islands) on this protected area the Human hasn't touched so you are up for a treat and have a great possibility to watch some of the unique mammals of these waters. Discover the Atlantic Ocean in the first row.


Madeira Island
Find out the best places to dive on this Atlantic Ocean paradise.

Porto Santo Island
Discover the hidden secrets of the golden Island deep seas

Desertas Islands
Dive on these virgin and deserted islands untouched by humans

bowbelle / bom rei

Deep ocean dive and wreck
On the 25th of March 1996, during it's operations the ship wrecked and later this spot became an artificial reef standing out above the surrounding sand environment.

Madeira Island south east coast
The ship wreckage is at Madalena do Mar between 21 to 29 meters deep. It takes around 10 minutes to get to this spot from Calheta pier.

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Deep ocean dive
This is one of Madeira Island favorite places to dive. It's a protected area that reunites excellent conditions for aquatic photography of the various Madeira Island sea life.

Madeira Island south coast
This dive is executed in between 18 e 27 meters sea deep on a crystal clear virgin waters of a protected wild life reservation.

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Ocean wreck dive
Probably one if not the most well known place to dive on this archipelago where an old cargo ship which used to transport people between the islands was wrecked to create an artificial reef.

Porto Santo Island coast
A dive spot located at a 5 minutes ship ride from Porto Santo around 1.5 miles distance. The dive is executed between 22 to 34 meters.

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