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Rebreather Poseidon MKV

Rebreather Poseidon MKVI
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See the water world with your own eyes

You've been on the Island, seen beautiful mountains and walked through the famous levadas, you were presented a 500-year culture that emerged isolated by the sea and gained its own very personality. You've understood the cult of the sea and seen places lost in time and a contrasting modern growing city crossed by the long transatlantic cruises on their journeys. You've seen amazing nature with unique flora and fauna of the Atlantic Pearl and sister islands. By then you would think the journey had finished and there wouldn't be much to be done besides resting and relaxing on one of the most moderate climates in the world, but the Madeira archipelago has much more to offer where the normal sight can't reach. We invite you on an adventure into the underwater world after all, you're on an Island surrounded by a culture that deals and lives with the sea.

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